Progress at the Cité internationale Université de Toulouse worksite

01 Aug 2021

Aware of the quality of the heritage that surrounds it, the Cité internationale Université de Toulouse is being developed in harmony with the existing urban fabric, taking in emblematic architectural elements such as the historic building of the Paul Sabatier laboratories and the chapel of the Notre-Dame school. An ambitious project to enhance the existing buildings overseen by the Architectes des Bâtiments de France (ABF) will result in a listed site. Particular care has been taken with the façades of Building H, which are made of the famous Toulouse bricks for which the pink city is famous.

Some of the bricks have been carefully redesigned, pointed and literally recreated. The two new buildings echo the alignment and model of the historic building and reinterpret them.

Joel NISSOU (architect)

An ambitious project that mobilises:

  • 180,000 people-hours;
  • 96 full-time equivalents;
  • 36 months of research and works